Vendor Measures for Public Safety

Vendor Measures for Public Safety

Protocols for sellers

The Greenfield Farmer's Market has made every effort to ensure the safety of vendors and the public, to that end:

  • All will be wearing face coverings and gloves
  • Electronic equipment and tables will be disinfected constantly throughout the market
  • Gloves will be changed constantly
  • Measures will be implemented for distancing between sellers and customers.
  • All products will be placed at the back of each booth for lower contamination possibilities.
  • Vendors will be the only ones handling their product and placing customer order into new bags. Orders will then be placed at the point of sale for the customer to handle themselves. This is a substantial decrease of the number of people touching any product as compared to other settings.
  • Menus of available items will be used for the quickest flow through the GFM area.
  • Some vendors with a large variety of products, such as plant starts, will be listing all of the options at the start of the day. Some items may not be available at the end of the day.
  • Bread and prepared food will be individually packaged and only available to take home for consumption
  • All vendors will be directing and guiding customers with the increased safety protocols of the Greenfield Farmers’ Market.

While some may disagree with the decision of opening at this time, we are committed to following every safety measure possible. We believe our protocols are above and beyond measures that are already in place at other shopping options. We will continue to be directed by government and local leaders, and realize that all measures planned today may be changed at a later time.

May we all be safe and remain healthy during this unprecedented time.