Opening Day Flow

Opening Day Flow

What to expect

Knowing and going with the flow will allow for the most efficient movement through the market.

There will be signs, barriers, staff, and volunteers to assist customers throughout their time in the Greenfield Farmers’ Market space.

The single entrance point is at the corner of Court Square and Newton Place. Foot traffic and wheeled service equipment only will be allowed.

After handwashing at the provided station, customers will walk north on the sidewalk in front of the Town Hall on the 16’ wide section, shopping at any vendor booths there. Those vendors will be facing west toward the sidewalk.

They will then be directed to the other side of Court Square in a diagonal pattern to shop at the booths lining the Town Common, and proceed south on Court Square roadway. These vendors will also be facing west toward the street. This allows for safe distancing and smooth, accessible surfaces.

If someone needs to return to a vendor that they have already moved past, they may need to return through the loop again, possibly waiting in line. Passing another customer or doubling back may only be done at the discretion and instruction of staff, vendors, or volunteers. This will only be allowed if social distancing can be easily followed.

A waiting line may need to be formed depending on the number of customers. This line will be formed along the sidewalk next to the Town Hall with social distancing markers. If needed, it can be extended behind the Town Hall and around the other side of the building. Please follow the direction of GFM staff or volunteers.