Greenfield Farmers Market, Sat, Sep 10, 2022

Greenfield Farmers Market

Greenfield Farmers Market

Saturday, September 10, 2022, 8:00 am until 12:30 pm
Court Square, Greenfield, MA

Happy Friday! Summer is hanging on, but we are enjoying the cooler nights and signs of autumn on the way. Apples from Clarkdale, fire cider from Ahlbin's Homemade, fresh bake bread from Hearthstone Artisan Bakery... yep, we are excited for fall! Music this week will be brough to you by Olivia Neid. Did you catch them play last time? If you missed Olivia the first time, be sure to take a seat and enjoy the music while munching on some crepes from Crepes Nanou.

We have all of your favorites this week at the market! Read below for our full list.

  • Ahlbin’s Fire Cider is a tried-and-true take on this well-known traditional folk remedy. The recipe combines local raw apple cider vinegar with powerful ingredients, including raw local honey! The spicy, savory and slightly sweet Fire Cider is a perfect balance of bite, tang, and sweetness to satisfy your Fire Cider cravings. They will have samples!
  • Greenfield is so lucky to have farmers like Bostrom Farm, who brings fresh, grass fed beef, pork, and ham to our market every Saturday. Stop by for their select products, which may change slightly each week.
  • Checkerspot Farm will join the market mid-summer with Native plants for private gardens: Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus, Bearded Tongue (several varieties), pussy toes, Virginia Strawberry, Wild Bergamont, Rose Milkweed, Purple Coneflower, blue-eyed grass, Bottlebrush grass, Inland sea oats, Allegheny monkey flower, Great lobelia, Cardinal Flower, Steeplebush, Nine bark, Columbine, Ironweed, New England Asters... and more!
  • Clarkdale Fruit Farm is a fourth-generation fruit farm that produces hundreds of varieties of apples, peaches, plums, pears, cherries and grapes. This Saturday, Clarkdale will be there with
  • New to the 2022 market, Crepes Nanou will join us this summer with sweet and savory crepes, plus coffee. What more could anyone want?!
  • David W Henion has been an active ceramic artist for twenty years and has been growing South African Succulents from seed, and other species from cuttings for years. You may have seen David and his succulents I in front of our his bakery in Amherst, “The Henion Bakery”. Now retired from baking, David joins the greenfield Market with hand make porcelain ceramics, rare plants, and succulents.
  • Hart Farm is a woman run farm located in the hills of western MA. Growing on 2 acres, Hart Farm is small yet abundant. By using both traditional and modern growing practices, the farm maximizes efficiency with a small labor team and maintains beautiful and bountiful fields. The farm implements low-till methods and uses both organic and non-GMO seed and grain and organic fertilizers and pest deterrents in order to maintain naturally organic and nurtured produce.
  • A one-baker micro-business, Hearthstone Artisan Bakery sources wheat and rye berries from family farms and mills whole grain flours fresh while making their sourdough breads.
  • Just Roots is a tenacious and equity focused organization with a goal to change the food system by creating equitable access to healthy, local food in Western Massachusetts, and working toward just, vibrant, and sustainable farm and food systems everywhere. At the market, you will find culinary herbs, vegetables, fruit, dry goods, and Just Roots merchandise! Vist their vendor page for the full list of products available.
  • Lyonsville Farm is a woman-owned 3 acre farm in Buckland. We grow a wide range of vegetables, flowers, and plants using organic practices. Raspberries, strawberries, herbs, vegetables, starts, annuals, perennials, fresh and dried flower bouquets, eggs.
  • Peter and PK Industries brings annuals, perennials, jams and jellies to the market each Saturday.
  • Sunrise Farms is a 5th Generation family owned and operated Maple Farm in Colrain, Ma. Our Syrup is boiled in a state of the art electric Evaporator that is offset with renewable, zero carbon solar arrays right on the farm. We currently offer a full range of Organically Certified Maple Products including Maple Syrup, Cream, Candy and Sugar. Maple Syrup & rhubarb, fire wood, pumpkins, gift baskets, small tree saplings, maple candy, cream.
  • Underline Farm is a small-scale regenerative farm in Easthampton, Massachusetts producing pasture-raised meat and eggs using organic methods. At the Greenfield Market, youl will find frozen whole chickens and cuts.

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