Greenfield Farmers Market, Sat, Aug 6, 2022

Greenfield Farmers Market

Greenfield Farmers Market

Saturday, August 6, 8:00 am until 12:30 pm
Court Square, Greenfield, MA

Did you know August 7th is the start of National Farmers Market Week? What a great excuse to reflect on the Greenfield Farmers’ Market history and the amazing community we are a part of. Stay tuned this week coming week as we highlight our farmers and other local producers. In the meantime, please fill out this short survey to share what you love about the market – plus… it will enter you for a chance to win a basket of goodies from the market!

We have a couple vendors joining us this weekend – familiar face, Shannon from Wild Bramble Farm will join us this week to sell fresh cut flowers and DIY kits to grow microgreens at home! Joining the market for the first time is David W Henion, a ceramic artist for twenty years and a practiced grower of succulents. Also joining the market this Saturday is LaFleur Farm, who will have all-natural organic soap & skincare, hanging basket petunias, and cut flowers.

Other Updates: Back this week is CHEESE!!! Yep, cheese! You can find Grace Hill Farm cheese at the Beaumont’s Berries booth this weekend. Beaumont’s Berries will also have blueberries this week (but will sell fast). Unfortunately, we will not have Clarkdale Peaches again as the harvest is still not big enough. However, stop by the Clarkdale Farm store to pick some up. Underline Farm is also excited to announce that Puppy Pate is back and available for purchase. Finally, we have an update on Sharper Harper Knife sharpening… contrary to last weeks email – Sharper Harper will be at the market on 8/27 and 9/3. We will remind everyone the week before!

Full list of vendors below:

  • Devon and Beaumont's Berries bring fresh jam to our market. She offers no or low sugar jam, and honey-based jam using only locally grown fruit that is grown at her home farm in Conway or by other local farmers in the Pioneer Valley.
  • Greenfield is so lucky to have farmers like Bostrom Farm, who brings fresh, grass-fed beef, pork, and ham to our market every Saturday. Stop by for their select products, which may change slightly each week.
  • Checkerspot Farm will join the market mid-summer with Native plants for private gardens: Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus, Bearded Tongue (several varieties), pussy toes, Virginia Strawberry, Wild Bergamont, Rose Milkweed, Purple Coneflower, blue-eyed grass, Bottlebrush grass, Inland Sea oats, Allegheny monkey flower, Great lobelia, Cardinal Flower, Steeplebush, Nine bark, Columbine, Ironweed, New England Asters... and more!
  • David W Henion has been an active ceramic artist for twenty years and has been growing South African Succulents from seed, and other species from cuttings for years. You may have seen David and his succulents I in front of his bakery in Amherst, “The Henion Bakery”. Now retired from baking, David joins the greenfield Market with hand make porcelain ceramics, rare plants, and succulents.
  • New to the market in 2022, Grace Hill Farm is a small family dairy and cheesemaker in Cummington. Their herd of Ayrshires/Normandes/Jersey cows rotationally graze their pastures, and the fresh taste and seasonality of the Hilltowns is captured in raw and pasteurized milk cheeses. Grace Hill will join the market around about twice a month and will be bringing with them a rotating list of products, including Raw and pasteurized cow's milk cheeses: Cheddar Wild Alpine Valais Philbrick Hilltown Blue Cheesecake Fromage Frais. Find their products at the Beamont's Berries booth!
  • Great Falls Aquaculture will bring seafood products to the market twice a month. They will have smoked Barramundi and Fish Brew products available
  • Hart Farm is a woman run farm located in the hills of western MA. Growing on 2 acres, Hart Farm is small yet abundant. By using both traditional and modern growing practices, the farm maximizes efficiency with a small labor team and maintains beautiful and bountiful fields. The farm implements low-till methods and uses both organic and non-GMO seed and grain and organic fertilizers and pest deterrents in order to maintain naturally organic and nurtured produce.
  • JDB Creations brings handcrafted fine silver, wire wrapped and dichroic glass jewelry inspired by nature to the market.
  • Just Roots is a tenacious and equity focused organization with a goal to change the food system by creating equitable access to healthy, local food in Western Massachusetts, and working toward just, vibrant, and sustainable farm and food systems everywhere. At the market, you will find culinary herbs, vegetables, fruit, dry goods, and Just Roots merchandise! Vist their vendor page for the full list of products available.
  • LaFleur Farm is a small organic flower farm and homestead where we raise chickens, ducks and grow cut flowers as well as wave petunias. At the market you can find all natural organic soap & skincare, hanging basket petunias, and cut flowers.
  • Lyonsville Farm is a woman-owned 3-acre farm in Buckland. We grow a wide range of vegetables, flowers, and plants using organic practices. Raspberries, strawberries, herbs, vegetables, starts, annuals, perennials, fresh and dried flower bouquets, eggs.
  • Northeast Organic Family Farm Partnership will be sampling Sidehill Farms 5-year cheddar and presenting information to shoppers on how they can help keep our local organic family dairy farms in tact
  • Stop by the P'Frogi booth for handmade from scratch pierogi. Each week Irida will offer a variety of fillings, some seasonal. Along with pierogis, you can find handmade golabki. Both are sold frozen, ready to heat and eat!
  • Peter and PK Industries brings annuals, perennials, jams and jellies to the market each Saturday.
  • Sunrise Farms is a 5th Generation family owned and operated Maple Farm in Colrain, Ma. Our Syrup is boiled in a state-of-the-art electric Evaporator that is offset with renewable, zero carbon solar arrays right on the farm. We currently offer a full range of Organically Certified Maple Products including Maple Syrup, Cream, Candy, and Sugar. Maple Syrup & rhubarb, firewood, pumpkins, gift baskets, small tree saplings, maple candy, cream.
  • Three of Cups Trading provides boutique services and crafts. We offer Tarot and palm readings alongside fine local ceramics, hand crafted housewares, and a small selection of new age products. We aim to surprise and delight you week to week with a rotation of goods from local artisans and collectors.
  • Underline Farm is a small-scale regenerative farm in Easthampton, Massachusetts producing pasture-raised meat and eggs using organic methods. At the Greenfield Market, you will find frozen whole chickens and cuts.
  • Wild Bramble Farm is a small family run farm in Northfield, MA. Moving towards a regenerative, no-till farming model and currently spreading happiness through cut flowers. We will have our cut flowers and micro-green grow kits (DIY!) available.

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