Area 51 Food Cart

Greenfield, MA

Morgan Kanash

Area 51 will be serving up hot breakfast and lunch all season long. They joined our market in 2021 and we haven't been hungry since. Stop by for fresh menu items every week, made from seasonal food items. They will have a rotating menu of breakfast options, soups, and sandwhiches.

Balky Farm

15 Main St, Northfield, MA 01360

(413) 498-2077

Wool, fleece, rovings, wool blankets, sheepskins, yarn, pickles, barbeque sauce, quilted table runners.

Beacon Botanicals

Greenfield, MA

Laura Clubb

Located right here in Greenfield, Beacon Botanicals brings fresh flower bouquets and plants to the market. Find them about once a month at the market!

Beaumont’s Berries


Devon Whitney-Deal

Devon and Beaumont's Berries bring fresh jam to our market. She offers no or low sugar jam, and honey based jam using only locally grown fruit that is grown at her home farm in Conway or by other local farmers in the Pioneer Valley.

Big Foot Food Forest

Montague, MA

Babette Wils

Big Foot Food Forest is building a food forest that mimics natural ecosystems. They work to improve soil and wildlife habitats, sequester carbon back into the soil, and harvest lots of yummy food - fruits, nuts, mushrooms, eggs, herbs! Find their mushrooms at the Just Roots stand at the market every week!

Bostrom Farm

701 Colrain Road, Greenfield, MA 01301

Kyle Bostrom
(413) 834-5638

Greenfield is so lucky to have farmers like Bostrom Farm, who brings fresh, grass fed beef, pork, and ham to our market every Saturday. Stop by for their select products, which may change slightly each week.

Checkerspot Farm

Colrain, MA

Jocelyn Demuth

Checkerspot Farm will join the market mid-summer with Native plants for private gardens: Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus, Bearded Tongue (several varieties), pussy toes, Virginia Strawberry, Wild Bergamont, Rose Milkweed, Purple Coneflower, blue-eyed grass, Bottlebrush grass, Inland sea oats, Allegheny monkey flower, Great lobelia, Cardinal Flower, Steeplebush, Nine bark, Columbine, Ironweed, New England Asters

Clarkdale Fruit Farms

303 Upper Road, Deerfield, MA 01342

Ben Clark
(413) 772-6797

*Accepts SNAP/HIP

Apples, peaches, pears, plums, cherries and cider.

Cocina Luptia

Greenfield, MA

Joshua Breitner

Stop by the Cocina Lupita food truck for El Salvadoran food and breakfast foods! Cocina will also be serving coffee!

Connecticut River Flute Choir

Cootware Aparies and Twist, Dab, & Throw

Greenfield, MA

Greg and Debbie Cootware

Every other Saturday you will find Cootware Aparies' fresh, local honey. You'll also find handcrafted ceramics, artwork, and jewelry.

Crêpes Nanou

Williamsburg, MA

Danièle Martin

New to the 2022 market, Crepes Nanou will join us this summer with sweet and savory crepes, plus coffee. What more could anyone want?!

David W Henion Succulents & Ceramics

David W Henion has been an active ceramic artist for twenty years and has been growing South African Succulents from seed, and other species from cuttings for years. You may have seen David and his succulents I in front of our his bakery in Amherst, “The Henion Bakery”. Now retired from baking, David joins the greenfield Market with hand make porcelain ceramics, rare plants, and succulents.

Drew Paton


Iconic local musician plays hits from the 30s thru the 60s.

Drowsy Dragon Farm

Chester, MA

Lois Sturm

Drowsy Dragon Farm is a small certified organic berry farm in the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts. We also grow 11 varieties of certified organic microgreens, and we make low-sugar jam and syrup with our berries.

Eli Elkus is a Traveling Musical Storyteller, Songcraftsman, and Folk Activist.

Grace Hill Farm

Cummington, MA

Max and Amy Breiteneicher

New to the market in 2022, Grace Hill Farm is a small family dairy and cheesemaker in Cummington. Their herd of Ayrshires/Normandes/Jersey cows rotationally graze their pastures, and the fresh taste and seasonality of the Hilltowns is captured in raw and pasteurized milk cheeses. Grace Hill will join the market around about twice a month and will be bringing with them a rotating list of products, including Raw and pasteurized cow's milk cheeses: Cheddar Wild Alpine Valais Philbrick Hilltown Blue Cheesecake Fromage Frais. Find their products at the Beamont's Berries booth!

Grateful Tuba

Grateful Dead covers, and general ambient music with electric guitar and tuba.

Great Falls Aquaculture

Great Falls Aquaculture will bring seafood products to the market twice a month. They will have smoked Barramundi and Fish Brew products available.

Greenfield Public Library

Greenfield, MA

Pamela McBride

On very special Saturdays, you can find the Greenfield Library Pop-up: Information, library materials, Button Making,Author Visits, book signings (possible book sales), possible Friends of Greenfield Public Library Fundraising

Hart Farm

585 South Shirkshire Rd, Conway, MA

(413) 453-9098

*Accepts SNAP/HIP - CSA available

Hart Farm is a woman run farm located in the hills of western MA. Growing on 2 acres, Hart Farm is small yet abundant. By using both traditional and modern growing practices, the farm maximizes efficiency with a small labor team and maintains beautiful and bountiful fields. The farm implements low-till methods and uses both organic and non-GMO seed and grain and organic fertilizers and pest deterrents in order to maintain naturally organic and nurtured produce.

A one-baker micro-business, Hearthstone sources wheat and rye berries from family farms and mills whole grain flours fresh while making their sourdough breads.

James Bird is a 28 year old musician and writer, who is often found wandering the pine forest barefoot, singing songs into the quiet misty morning.

JDB Creations silver jJewelry hanging on stand.

JDB Creations

Amherst, MA

Joshua Berins

Handcrafted fine silver, wire wrapped and dichroic glass jewelry inspired by nature.

Jesse's Best Tomato Plants

Greenfield, MA

Jesse Sinclair

May 7th - May 28th

Jesse's Best Tomato Plants - Jesse specializes in offering rare, interesting, hard-to-find, and popular vegetable plants, including many that are challenging or impossible to find in traditional plant markets.

Just Roots

Greenfield, MA

Meryl Latronica
(413) 325-8969

*Accepts SNAP/HIP - CSA available

Just Roots is a tenacious and equity focused organization with a goal to change the food system by creating equitable access to healthy, local food in Western Massachusetts, and working toward just, vibrant, and sustainable farm and food systems everywhere. At the market, you will find culinary herbs, vegetables, fruit, branded merch, and dry goods!

Kenna Kylie


Acoustic guitar. Mostly Pop & Country, with an indie feel.

Lyonsville Farm

126 Main Rd, Colrain, MA 01340

Maria Topitzer
(413) 339-4393

Every Saturday, April 30 - October 29th

Lyonsville Farm is a woman-owned 3 acre farm in Buckland. We grow a wide range of vegetables, flowers, and plants using organic practices. Raspberries, strawberries, herbs, vegetables, starts, annuals, perennials, fresh and dried flower bouquets, eggs.

Matt Delaney


Singer-Songwriter - guitars, loops vocals, fun - original and classics from the 60's - to current. Sure to have special guests.

"Lap-steel whiz Myk Freedman excels at intensely evocative instrumentals that draw on Dixieland, klezmer and avant-garde jazz. His aesthetic is wistful yet subtly surreal.” -Time Out New York.

Nancy's Backyard

Conway, MA

Nancy Palmgreen

Every Saturday, May 7 - July 2

Nancy Palmgreen started her first native only garden at her condo in Amherst in the 1980’s. Today, she still grows native only plants in Conway, and sews pillows from vintage material in the winter.

nuthatch logo

Nuthatch & Bluet Studio

Northfield, MA

Susie Secco

Handprinted fabric, useful art. Susie Secco designs and carves printing blocks and then print on fabric or paper. Her handprinted fabric items include table linens, kitchen accessories, bags, pillows and clothing. Most recently she has begun printing cards.

Olivia Nied


Olivia Nied is a 24 year old queer singer/songwriter who writes original jazzy pop, rock and blues influenced music on acoustic and electric instruments. She often employs live "looping" and LGBTQ+ inspired lyrics.

P. K. Industries


Peter Kretzenger

*Accepts SNAP/HIP

Stop by Peter's booth for annuals, perennials, and a variety of jams and jellies.


Northampton, MA

Irida Johnson

Stop by the P'Frogi booth for handmade from scratch pierogi. Each week Irida will offer a variety of fillings, some seasonal. Along with pierogis, you can find handmade golabki. Both are sold frozen, ready to heat and eat!

Pick Nature

Greenfield, MA

Camille Tahar

PickNature is a small local shop that offers botanical jewelry and objects as an hommage to Nature. I draw my inspiration from what I see around me. Chunks of wood, plants, mushrooms, shells... I pick everything during my strolls and hikes, carefully dry them, and I use resin to transform them into useful or decorative objects. This year I will be collaborating with my woodworking friend Alix and we'll be offering an even larger selection of wooden items like spoons and mobiles.

Sharper Harper Knife Sharpening

New Haven, CT


June 4th, June 11th, August 27th, and September 3rd

Bring your knives to the market to be sharpened by Sharper Harper! Harper is a traveling knife sharpener serving thousands of customers in the northeast. He can sharpen all kitchen knives (including serrated knives), scissors, and some garden tools. The price is $1.25/ inch of blade length. (So, for example, a 4” paring knife costs $5, and an 8” chef’s knife costs $10.) Your knives will come back to you sharper than when you first bought them! If you have anything you would like to have sharpened, please rubber band everything in a large dish towel and label the outside with your name and a contact number. Please visit for more information or to get in touch directly.

Slow Pony is an accordion-centric musical collective, performing intense folk music from around the globe, as well as a collection of soulful and unique originals!

St. Andrew's Guild

Greenfield, MA

Di Kurkulonis

The Guild’s mission is to make the world more beautiful through the sharing of handcrafts. Guild members find joy in the creation of useful things using the skills of sewing, knitting, and other handcrafts, and understand the process as a spiritual practice. Guild members regularly produce handcrafted items that they donate for sale. Seventy-five percent of our proceeds goes to the local outreach ministries of the Episcopal Church of Saints James and Andrew, Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Sunrise Farms

24 Heath Branch Rd, Colrain, MA

(413) 624-3210

We are a 5th Generation family owned and operated Maple Farm in Colrain, Ma. Our Syrup is boiled in a state of the art electric Evaporator that is offset with renewable, zero carbon solar arrays right on the farm. We currently offer a full range of Organically Certified Maple Products including Maple Syrup, Cream, Candy and Sugar. Maple Syrup & rhubarb, fire wood, pumpkins, gift baskets, small tree saplings, maple candy, cream.

Eveline MacDougall creates unique paper crafts and textile arts using both new and recycled materials. Her handcrafted cards and envelopes are treasured by many who send and receive them. MacDougall creates woolen hearts of various sizes, some with inspirational messages, and offers sock and woolen repair through her venture known as "Darn-it-all"!

Taproot Threads

10 Fiske Ave. #7, Greenfield, MA 01301

(413) 584-1450

Original designs screened on responsibly sourced clothing. Find tees, tanks, sweatshirts, tops, skirts, dresses, pants, onesies, bibs, hats, totes, aprons, and tea towels.

The People's Gold

Conway, MA

Lynn Golan

The People's Gold crafts herbal remedies for everyday use. We source from local, organic herb farmers and ethically wildcraft to make high-quality bioregional products that inspire a deeper personal connection with nature.

Three of Cups Trading

Easthampton, MA

Carolyn Drzik, Amy Teffer, and Sarah Ryan

Three of Cups Trading provides boutique services and crafts, including Tarot and palm readings alongside fine local ceramics, hand crafted housewares, and a small selection of new age products. Three Cups of Trading aim to surprise and delight you week to week with a rotation of goods from local artisans and collectors.

Twist, Dab, and Throw

Debbie Cootware

Debbie is an artist with 30+ years of painting and drawing experience ranging from Venetian style ceilings and wall murals to still life, landscape, and portraiture.

Underline Farm

Easthampton, MA

Karl Prahl

Underline Farm is a small-scale regenerative farm in Easthampton, Massachusetts producing pasture-raised meat and eggs using organic methods. At the Greenfield Market, youl will find frozen whole chickens and cuts.

Warner Farm

23 S. Main St., Sunderland, MA

(413) 665-8331

Warner Farm is proud to be one of the oldest and longest running family farms in New England. Ten generations of Warners have farmed here in Sunderland since the 1720’s. Father and son, Mike and David Wissemann continue that legacy by sustainably growing a wide range of crops on 150 acres of fertile river valley soil.

Wild Bramble Farm

Northfield, MA

Shannon and Chris Goddard

Wild Bramble offers cut flowers for fresh bouquets. See our social media for updates!

Zane Provost


Zane plays both popular and B-side cover music as well his own originals. Local Leverett musician. Former member of Ambiguous Figures and current member of Spoon Goons, a new local band.